a lucky break

So, I’m feeling lucky. And the reason? I was recently the victim of a crime.

Here’s the story:

While out with my kids, at a little farm picking blueberries, among neighbors and friends and not even two miles from my home, someone smashed my car window and stole my purse! I was horrified. My kids were upset. The nice people walking by were shocked. Even the police officer who took the report was a little surprised.

Then I spent the better part of the afternoon cancelling my debit card, stopping payment on checks (yes, a checkbook was in there), filing an insurance claim on the window, making an appointment to get the window replaced, de-registering my kindle (also in the purse), and having a locksmith come to re-key my house locks (because I only took cash, my car key, and my cell phone with me- the house keys were alsoย in the purse), ugh.


This is a picture of the purse I had. It was kind of awesome, and way better than what I used to carry. Last Christmas I decided to treat myself to a nice bag, and I spent like $200. on this thing. It was big enough to hold water bottles, kindles, lunches, toys, and even a sweatshirt (for a kid). Plus it was a beautiful soft denim-blue leather and the inside was all multicolored striped satin. It was the nicest pocketbook I ever had ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Now to the part where I feel lucky.

So, I’m not rich. At all. And this is a real set-back. The locks, the window, the kindle, the bag…even if I don’t replace my bag or my kindle, I’m still out over $500 for the car window and my locks. Plus, I had some cash in my wallet. That’s a lot of money to my family.

But, it won’t break us. I have other handbags. I have insurance. I won’t get a new kindle right away, but I will probably get one soon. Maybe for my next birthday or if I sell enough books, but it will happen. Within a week, I’ll have a shiny new car window, a new bankcard, and I’ll fill a new bag with lip-gloss and gum and tampons and matchbox cars (seriously, that’s mainly what was in my old one). I already had new locks made for my house, and I can get a new driver’s license made easily.

Someone else, though, was desperate enough to steal. Someone felt they had no other choice, no better option than to take a bag from a car, hoping there was money in it. Maybe they were on drugs, or fighting some other addiction. Maybe they thought that whoever owned a nice car and a nice purse wouldn’t be too hurt by their crime, or even that I ‘deserved it’ for having a little more than them. Maybe they just didn’t think or care much about it one way or the other.

No matter who it was, or why they did it, I am fairly confident I’m in a better position than they are. Financially, emotionally, and socially. Sure, money might be a little tight, but I haven’t had to resort to criminal behavior. I can’t even imagine a life in which breaking into cars becomes a viable option. So I do feel lucky.

I am lucky that I am at a place in my life where I can absorb this kind of minor loss (I have definitely been much poorer than I am now, and there was a time this would have devastated me). I am lucky, also, that I am able to forgive this person, instead of living with anger or hatred (I have learned to do this by surviving other, much worse assaults). And maybe I am lucky to be reminded that the world is not perfect, that not everyone is “okay”, and that I need to be careful, still.

So, I hope whoever took my purse was helped by its contents. I hope it improved someone’s life in at least the same proportion that its loss damaged mine. And I hope that the person who now has my Kindle likes gay romance novels, because it’s loaded with them!

4 thoughts on “a lucky break

  1. I’m sorry to hear that happened to you. It sucks because you feel violated and terribly inconvenienced, but then how low would one go in order to survive. My hubby’s wallet was lifted last year while waiting in line at a walmart. Soon after leaving the store, he realized he was robbed. We shut every credit card down within 2 hours of when it happened. They managed to do $500 worth of damage in that time. Interestingly enough, they didn’t use the cards online for electronics or jewelry, but at regular stores for groceries and gas. In the end, the guy was caught, but my husband didn’t press charges.

    • ugh, that’s terrible! I hope you didn’t have to pay the $500. I think the worst part of this for me is just how stupid I feel. My husband is always telling me to put my bag in the trunk, to never leave it on the seat, and I’m sure if he was with us he would have made me do it. So I know the whole thing could have so easily been prevented, and that sucks.
      It is telling that the person who took your hub’s wallet bought groceries and gas, and speaks to the kind of desperation that rules so many lives. It’s sad. And I can’t help but worry that, unless the economy and job markets improve, it may get worse before it gets better for many people.

  2. No, we only had to cover the standard $50. This economy is quite scary and no one really is unaffected. I wonder how bad it could get before there’s a rerun of the French Revolution…riots, pitchforks, guillotines oh my! Sorry I’m in a weird part of my nano novel. ๐Ÿ™‚

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