grl So, this was in my mailbox.

A month ago I signed up for the GRL retreat wait list as a sort of “oh, maybe, you never know” kind of thing, just thinking that I’ d make the decision later, if the list ever came to me.

And now it is later, and the list has come to me.

I really want to go. Partially, I was going to go as an Abi Roux “minion” (I even ordered the t-shirt). Also, I was going to go as a fan of some other fabulous authors. And of course, as I am starting to (maybe, just a tiny bit) take myself a little more seriously as a writer, I was going to go and sort of scope the whole thing out. See what it’s like, in case I ever really want to promote myself.

Another reason to go would be actually meeting and seeing some of the people I only “know” via facebook. That would be cool.

BUT…it’s a lot of money, for me. Especially when compared to the rather small earnings I take in from my book sales. It’s difficult to justify. Also I have a family event that weekend which I’d have to lie my way out of, and I really don’t want to do that.

So, I’m not going. 😦

Instead, I will give myself another year to work on my writing. And hopefully someone who really wants to go to GRL will take my slot, and have a great time.

Tell me what you think!

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