You find what you look for

I collect rock hearts. I started a few months ago, because a friend was visiting and we were walking along the beach and she picked up a rock that looked like a heart and said something like ‘oh! here’s a good one!’ and slipped it into her pocket. When I asked her about it she told me she collects heart shaped rocks, and I thought that was cool. And also I live near a very rock-strewn stretch of shore.



So most days, after I send my kids off to school, I walk my dog down to the beach and instead of just shell hunting, I look for heart shaped rocks.


I find one almost everyday. Some are big (those go in the garden), and some are small (on my shelves and hidden around the house).


And through my stone-searching I’ve learned a few things.

Now, I have always been a shell collector. I’ve had my toes in the sand since babyhood, and I’ve got jars of seashells to prove it. But these rocks… I just never noticed them. And once I started looking, I realized they are everywhere! How had I never seen them before? Why had I not thought of it?

So what I learned was this: You find what you look for.

Beauty is everywhere, even under your feet. And if you keep your eyes open, mother nature will sometimes reward you. I think of these hearts as a little gift, and every time I find one it feels like magic, like it was there forever, sleeping in the sand, just waiting for me to find it.

Like happiness I can hold in my hand.

Tell me what you think!

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