another day, another story.

CoverRB copy

I’m really happy with this story, the characters and how it came out in general. I liked writing it, and I hope (so very much) that people will like reading it!

I haven’t told anyone about it, yet, though, because… I need more beta readers to look at it first.

I’m still trying to assemble a reliable crew of “betas”, and have seriously considered just paying (gasp!) an editor. The thing is,  if I do that I will have to admit I’m taking this writing thing seriously. Like, seriously enough to invest more than time and a few bucks into it. And if I pay an editor, then I really should do more promotion in order to see a return on that investment. You see where this is going… it will snowball quickly into a scenario where I am forced to admit I’m a marketing failure.

I’ve had a few responses to my beta requests, and I’m confident a few of the readers will pan out. I used one reader on my last book that I liked, so I can try her again as well if I have to. I have some options, still, before I go all in. For now, RoadBlock is quietly available on Amazon.

***update*** I’ve had a great beta reader experience! Combined with the few other readers I’ve had on this (who were nice and positive but perhaps not as constructive/critical) I feel ready to promote this novella. So, I’m one step closer to actually having my beta crew dream team become a reality!

And also, I’ve changed the cover image for this book. CoverRBversion2 thmb Sexier? More interesting? hmmm…

Tell me what you think!

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