Cheap reads from a cheapskate writer

So I guess my very first blog post should be some sort of self-promotion. Here goes. I have lowered all of my e-book prices to under $3.00. Mainly because I am an e-book reader myself, and I know that for short novella length books I don’t want to pay much more than a few dollars. So buy them up, people! Someday I might finish a novel, and then I will price higher. But I feel the novel may go the same way as my half-knitted scarf: perpetually unfinished. I am much more likely to finish six novellas than one novel, in the same way I can crochet an entire baby wardrobe before I can finish knitting one stinkin’ scarf. Lazy? Perhaps. I like to think of it as efficient time management.

Taming the Fox is $2.99

Tell me what you think!

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